Business Advice

Do you understand your reports?

Profit & Loss? Balance Sheet?

We can provide you with your management reports which are user friendly and easy to read.

We can also present them in charts which makes it easier to see where the money is going on a dollar or percentage amount.



Job Costing

Are you sure your making a profit on every job? Have you allowed for not only labour, but added costs such as superannuation? Employee Leave Entitlements? What about overtime?  Have you made an allowance for fuel? Have you incorporated some of your overheads? How about the cost of materials?

We can provide you with the tools and templates you need to allow you to incorporate all of the "hidden costs" in each job, and then easily and effortlessly calculate your costs and profit, mark up percentage and profit percentage.

These tools are particularly great for projecting a few "what if" scenarios when quoting, or for seeing what went well and perhaps what didn't.

Remember, what you can measure, you can manage!

Break Even Analysis

Do you understand your break even points in units and dollars?

Have you allowed for "hidden" costs such as superannuation or leave entitlements, have you broken down your overheads into weekly or monthly amounts to allow yourself to break even? What about your variable costs such as fuel consumption?

Do you then know how to work out what is an acceptable charge out rate to cover costs and make a profit? We do.


Business Planning

Have you got plans in your head? Its time to put these great ideas to paper!

How will you achieve your goals? and when? Who will help you along the way? 

Did you know you are more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down and setting a date of completion and a method to success!

We can provide you with the tools and templates you need to plan for success!